Moisturisers and Creams

CBD Global Limited are proud to introduce a range of skin care products for men. Here you can enjoy the benefits of our natural ingredients infused with CBD, all combined in a pleasing modern fragrance. CBD infused skin creams have been scientifically proven to help men’s battle against the elements that even the most rugged of men in demanding outdoor jobs can benefit from. 

Revitalise, Enrich & Restore - CBD for everday use

We have developed a range of moisturisers and creams that are designed to be part of your daily routine. With the added benefits of CBD work hand in hand with your body and suited to your individual needs. CBD GLOBAL cosmetics can be easily incorporated into your everyday cleansing and moisturising regime.

Other CBD products you may be interested in

Along with our range of CBD cosmetics we have also developed a range of recovery products such as muscle rub balms and gels. 

Looking for CBD Supplements?

CBD supplments can be found in many forms. Here at CBD GLOBAL we have developed CBD supplements such as CBD oils and tinctures and capsules along with the UK’s first enteric coated CBD Tablets. All of which are are available in various CBD strengths to suit you.